Would You Rather be Popular or Profitable?

Have you, as an influencer, ever wondered which is more important to prioritize: your online business’ profit or your fan base? In this week’s episode, guest Laura Miner provides us the answer as well as some insightful advice on how she prioritizes certain elements of her business.

When it comes to social media, we all want what’s new and shiny. Being an influencer is no different, especially when it comes to our online businesses. We want to attract as many people to our pages as possible through our beautiful web design or through a trend we follow. Yet, we often prioritize this over what’s truly important: profit.

Laura agrees that the main goal of an online business shouldn’t be to gather up as big of a fan base as possible. Instead, the focus should be on turning your business into something profitable for you. Whether said profit is of a monetary or gratifying value, your online business should be set in place to serve your needs/goals and not necessarily your fans’.


ABOUT Laura Miner

Laura is a healthy cooking blogger celebrating real, whole foods at cookathomemom.com. Her recipes are simple and approachable with a focus on overall balance. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with her husband and 3 kids and loved to garden and hike.


How Laura’s Business has Grown

Laura’s own online business, Healthy Food Mom, started off as a hobby rather than a source of profit, due to an unpredictable income. Realizing that she had precious time and resources to spare, Laura knew that she had to reevaluate the way in which she blogged in order to garner some profit. After doing so, Laura saw her business grow.

In order to turn her blogging style around, Laura learned as much as possible about her craft, which is photography. She updated her equipment, backed off on trying to incorporate everything into her blog, and really changed her mindset to focus on a ROI (Return on Investment).

The alternative was just to give up when things got really challenging. Laura knew that she didn’t want to do this and really wanted to make a living off of her blog. By developing knew ways to run her blog, Laura learned a valuable piece of advice: if you put in the work, you can live the life you want to enjoy.

” As influencers, it is so easy for us to get burnt out…or even to give up all together.”

What to Prioritize in your Online Business

Laura started out on Instagram, but soon began to question why her blog wasn’t experiencing a lot of growth. She realized that by trying to cater entirely to the public that she wasn’t focusing on the other important aspects of her business. By focusing on outsourcing, time management, and even SEO, Laura soon began to see an increase in website traffic. Eventually, Laura moved her business to her own blog to have more freedom in what she did.

Like Laura says, its an absolute skill to focus on your ROI rather than your blog’s popularity. The new tools, platforms, and advice out there on the web may say differently, but its important to remember that influencers shouldn’t give their time to things that won’t give anything back. Laura herself does a quarterly evaluation of her blog to see what is and what isn’t working out for it, and then makes changes as she sees fit.

“One of the biggest things is prioritizing profitability over popularity.”

Laura’s Advice to Other Influencers

In order to go about writing content on your blog, Laura suggests writing as though you were teaching someone about a topic that they had no former knowledge about. Then, ask yourself if what you wrote is something that others can follow without issue. It’s important to remember that everyone processes information differently. It might also be useful to have someone with a different mindset read your content to see how well they understand it.

For influencers, there is no greater source of advice than other influencers. Unlike in the business world, influencers gain so much by asking questions and answering those of other influencers. Have the courage to talk to other influencers and help others when you can!

Another tidbit of advice from Laura is to act as though you are the CEO of your online business right from the start. CEO’s are in charge of everything and they take control when needed. Also, they are not as emotionally attached to their work as others might be. This is a good skill for an influencer to enact when blogging because it allows them to focus more on the statistics of their blog rather than the feelings involved. In the end, focusing on the aspects of your blog that make it more profitable serves the audience long-term. Its hard to start, but once you do, the process becomes so much easier!

“Explain [your content] like they’re two or a drunk adult.”


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