Why You Should Celebrate Your Failures

Do you, as an influencer, fear failure? Do you believe that failing will decrease your chances of becoming a successful blogger? In this week’s episode of The Smart Influencer Podcast, guest William Green offers up some great tips for a successful blog, which he himself has learned through many cases of trial and error.

We’ve all been taught that failure is something we need to fear. We think that by failing, whatever goal, dream, or task we set out on to accomplish becomes unreachable. What if, instead, we were taught that failure can actually benefit those of the influencing world and help them make accomplishments more effectively?

William Green, himself, has been faced with failure many times throughout his influencing career, yet he does not allow these failures to hinder him. Instead, he embraces them and uses them to guide him when making other decisions. William explains, how he came to this idea, in this week’s podcast, and also provides some of his own great tips for a successful blog.


About William Green

My name is Will and I started creating websites around 10 years ago. I studied for a Masters in Automotive Engineering with Motorsport and worked for the likes of McLaren. However, I am now pursuing my business venture with websites and have learned everything from scratch as to how to run successful websites, manage teams, SEO, business and much more.


Tips for a Successful Blog

William Green has been blogging for the past ten years. While blogging, he has also worked as an aeromechanic engineer. When Covid hit, William decided to take a step back from his career and focus more-so on blogging. This decision has allowed him to develop some tips for a successful blog and see great growth within his online businesses.

The first tip William shares is to give yourself time to work on your blog. By giving himself more time, William’s online businesses took off in growth. He is now able to focus on different elements of his blog, such as projects, functionality, etc. that are so crucial to online businesses. William is also able to explore new avenues when developing his blog due to more time.

William also uses key tools within his blog to help increase growth. One is a glossary plug-in that allows William to define and reference original content/posts within another post, and then link it right back to said original post. This ultimately helps build authority with Google, for users use his site for references. William also uses external link-ins which helps link content back to his website. It also decreases the need to search for external links, because others are already linking to you.

“Make it easy for your readers to access, share, and use your content. [It helps improve your [Google] authority.”

Tips on How to Become a Successful Blogger and Make Money

William was able to learn all about blogging by doing everything himself, by reading articles, and by watching videos. It didn’t all come easily to him and he failed countless times before he got it right. In the end, he was able to use his mistakes to create a number of websites that are very successful today. Here are some of his tips on how to become a sucessful blogger and make money.

Like William states, failure leads to success. Once you fail you then know how something does/doesn’t work and you’re that much closer to getting it right. After all his trial and error, William is able to live off of his income as a blogger and work the way he wants to.

One of the biggest and trending ways to deliver content for users to view is through video. Like William points out, video is becoming increasingly popular, more-so than any type of reading material. Ultimately, using video can increase user experience, promote a brand, and increase monetary content.

A great piece of advice William offers is that if you don’t know what you’re doing with a particular task/ tool, give it to someone who does! This will save you time and stress and allow you to hire on help for your online business. William also leaves the content-making to his employees as he runs the overall business, saving him time and money in the long-run.

William Shares Some Actionable SEO Tips

Some actionable SEO tips William shares include:

1.) Be happy when you fail. When you fail, you learn new information and are provided with an opportunity to succeed at a later time.

2.) Make a website with a springboard. Make sure you store your ideas so that you don’t lose/ forget them!

3.) Don’t write content without SEO! This is very important in getting organic traffic to your site. Also, make sure to double check your content for grammatical errors (this is really important too!).

4.) Make sure you invest time only in the things you know or want to know. If its something you want to learn, go for it! If you’re really struggling with it or have no interest in it, let someone else with the knowledge for it take over and incorporate it into your site.

5.) Shuffle through any problems/issues you have. Don’t focus on just one issue, especially if you can’t come up with a solution for it. Move on to the next and then the next until you come back to the original. Each time you give the issue some attention, you’ll discover a new way to combat it. Just don’t get hung up on what you can’t accomplish in the moment!

“Influencers tend to get stuck on the vanity.”

What’s Next?

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