Planning for Beautiful Photos

Are you looking to create beautiful photos for your social platforms? We’re here to help, Stephanie Keeping will give you advice on how to plan for beautiful photos.

Stephanie Keeping shares her tips on how to plan beautiful photos

In this episode, Stephanie Keeping the co-founder of Pretty Focused will be discussing why quality content is important, strategies to use to help grow your business, and tips on outsourcing photographers. She will also provide insights on what has worked for her throughout her journey as a blogger.

Episode 033: Planning for Beautiful Photos

About Stephanie Keeping

Stephanie Keeping has blogged at for over a decade. Today, the gets more than 100 million impressions across all social media channels. She is also the co-founder of Pretty Focused, a course that helps students master food photography so they can create thriving businesses.

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Why Is The Quality Of Photography Content So Important?

When taking photos many people believe that the photo has to be beautiful especially when you are in the food industry. This isn’t the case quality doesn’t always equal beauty as long as your content stops the scroll and evokes enough emotion from your audience to click.

It is much more than beauty when it comes to quality because quality has more a lot more aspects than beauty. When we are creating photos, we want the image to make the audience believe that they can replicate whatever we are making.

Strategies To Use When Creating Photos

Set a short-term goal whether it be getting five likes on a post or getting at least two shares. Create photos that you believe will bring in traffics, never create photos or content that you have to second guess on. Before creating content do research to better understand your work. Use Google question tabs to have an understanding of what your audience is looking for.

Do not copy other content make your own, figure out what are the most common shots in your photography industry. Make notes and a shot list so when going into a photoshoot you have an idea of what you want to create. Develop presets for your photos to save time and finally make sure your content is relevant to your platform.

Tips On Outsourcing Photography

If you’re thinking of outsourcing photography there has to be an understanding of both party’s terms like paying for re-shoots if they were to mess up a photo. Communication is the key you can’t expect your client to read your mind. Be sure to explain how you want your content to be created.

Remember that just because someone didn’t do a project the way you would have done it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Don’t focus on the things that don’t matter as long as you are satisfied with your content. Set reasonable expectations you don’t want to deter your employees.

What’s Next

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