A private mentor community to help

online influencers grow their businesses.

As bloggers, it's easy to become overwhelmed

  • Are you spending countless hours working in your business, but you're not sure if it's actually helping your business grow?
  • Do you know what you have to do but aren't sure what you should be doing right now for maximum growth? 
  • Do you feel stuck and you're not sure how to take your business to the next level? 
  • Do you need help but aren't sure where to turn? 

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, 

you're going to love the the Blog Hive!


Her strategies really work!

Mastermind sessions with Christina have helped my business grow. She’s always willing to share a behind-the-scenes look at what’s working in her business. Her approach to blogging is taking specific actions today that will result in the greatest impacts now and leading into the future. I’ve had many a-ha moments during our sessions together. She's organized, full of energy, and very knowledgeable. Her blogging strategies really work! 

TOTAL VALUE:  $49/month   

NOW ONLY $1 for the first month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Is the Blog Hive Right for You?

The Blog Hive was created specifically for bloggers who are making some money with their blog but need help reaching the next level.

YES, the Blog Hive is Perfect for Bloggers Who:

  • Have  been blogging at least one year
  • Get at least 10k monthly pageviews
  • Make $20k or more per year from their blog
  • Are motivated to succeed

No, the Blog Hive Isn't Right for Bloggers Who:

  • Are just starting out
  • Consider their blog a hobby
  • Aren't willing to invest time in learning
  • Don't want to connect with other bloggers

The Blog Hive isn't right for everyone, which is why we have an application process.

In order to create a strong community and provide impactful lessons and resources for our members, we're very careful about who is admitted to the group. This way, once you're in, you know that your time won't be wasted and everything we share will be applicable to YOU.

Why we Created the Blog Hive

A few years into blogging, we were working a crazy number of hours to create content, manage social media, grow an email list, pitch for sponsored work and learn all the newest changes and best practices. We weren't making enough money to hire out any of the tasks, so we were wearing ourselves out trying to do "all the things" by ourselves.  It was overwhelming. 

We knew what we needed to do but we didn't know what to do to maximize our income and growth.  We joined groups, bought eBooks, took online courses and went to blogging conferences.  

Anyone that has been to a conference knows that the best learning happens in the hotel lobby.  The hotel lobby is where you can talk shop with other bloggers who relate to your problems and accomplishments.  It's where you share openly about what's working (and what's not) in our businesses.  

Not only are you forming friendships but you're building a personal community you can lean on for accountability, collaboration and idea sharing.  This becomes your hive.  

That's where we met.  In a hotel lobby.  We started helping each other.  Holding each other accountable.  Bouncing ideas off of one another.  And this is when we started experiencing real business growth.  

The synergy of our relationship is what propelled us to the next level in our businesses.  

This is why we started the Blog Hive.  We created a community where you can learn, connect and grow right alongside your peers.  As your mentors, we share everything we've learned on our combined 18 years of blogging - the insider tips and tricks and the strategies that have brought us the most success.  You get a chance to peek behind the curtain in our businesses.  

Come see what the buzz is about in the Blog Hive! 


My income increased by 60% 

I love that Corinne and Christina take a two-prong approach – they combine education with an equal portion of practical implementation. How many ebooks and courses have I bought that I never actually implemented?  With Corinne and Christina, you’ll be sure to actually and successfully implement what you learn. What I learned about SEO, product creation and email newsletters helped me increase my income 60% in one year.

TOTAL VALUE:  $49/month   

NOW ONLY $1 for the first month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

How the Blog Hive Makes Your Life Easier

  • KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WORKING ON  Your to-do list is probably a mile long.  We will show you what you should be working for maximum growth. 
  • MAKE THE BEST USE OF YOUR LIMITED TIME  Two six-figure influencers have compiled all of their knowledge, tips, connections and more into a private community that you have UNLIMITED access to!  There's no need to figure it all out on your own.  We'll help you.
  • POSITION YOUR BUSINESS TO EARN MORE MONEY  We will show you how to determine what you should be focusing on make more money. 
  • STAY ON TOP OF BLOGGING TRENDS Want to know about the newest strategies and tools?  We've got you covered!
  • GET ORGANIZED  There are so many moving parts in a blog business.  We'll show you how to get (and stay) organized so you can spend more time growing your business. 

Suzanne eagan new south charm

I went from novice to professional 

Christina gave me the tools and encouragement I needed to go from novice to professional blogger. Her support helped me build my site with fill it with content people want and to keep them coming back for more. She showed me how to earn a profit and build a business. Her know-how, experience and support are priceless!

TOTAL VALUE:  $49/month   

NOW ONLY $1 for the first month

What You Get With the Blog Hive

Learning, accountability and networking 

in our private Facebook community including...

  • Connect with like-minded bloggers
  • Weekly LIVE question and answer sessions
  • Monthly LIVE trainings from experts in the blogging community 
  • Behind-the-scenes peek into your mentor's businesses
  • Group co-working sessions to help you get more done
  • Monthly networking events to meet other bloggers
  • Exclusive discounts on other Digital CEO Circle products

PLUS...Get these 

buzz-worthy BONUSES! 

  • FREE TRIBE FINDER  We help you find a tribe of like-minded bloggers you can lean on.
  • FREE AIRTABLE BUSINESS COMMAND SYSTEM BASE Use this tool to start organizing your business with the Airtable Business Command System.  
  • FREE QUICK START GUIDE  We will walk you through each component of the Blog Hive to ensure you make the most of your mentorship! 

The Blog Hive has everything you need to grow your business the smart way. 

  • PRIVATE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY with expert training, Q&A sessions, networking, co-working and more!
  • $49/month   

  • $49
  • $49
  • $49

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I got into Mediavine

"Corinne's guidance was a huge game-changer for my blog. She filled in a lot of gaps I had, provided useful tools, and made me do the work. I credit her with helping me reach my goal of getting accepted into Mediavine - which has made an amazing impact on my bottom line."


YOUR PRICE:  ONLY $1 for the first month

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

What's on the Blog Hive Agenda? 

Here's what we're focusing on now...

  • FEBRUARY:  Getting Started with Airtable
  • MARCH:  Google Web Stories
  • APRIL: How to do Keyword Research


  • Creating Digital Products
  • Creating Opt-ins that Convert
  • Increasing Revenue with Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategic Content Planning
  • Creating Engaging Content that Gets Results
  • How to Outsource to Get More Done
  • Pinterest Strategies that Work
  • Workflow Automation
  • Understanding and Using Your Data
  • Getting Started with Videos

REGULAR PRICE: $49/month

YOUR PRICE:  ONLY $1 for the first month

You can't afford NOT to join us!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

Meet the Queen Bees



You've got questions? We've got answers!

What the heck is the Blog Hive? 

The Blog Hive a private Facebook community where like-minded bloggers can learn, share and grow together.


Who is the Blog Hive for?

The Blog Hive is the perfect fit for bloggers who are already making some income in their business but they want to grow and take it to the next level.  


Is the Blog Hive for brand new bloggers?

Congratulations if you've just started on your blogging journey!  At this point, you're not quite ready for the Blog Hive.  When you start earning money on your blog, we encourage you to apply.


Why do I have to apply to the Blog Hive?

To ensure our members get the best level of service from the community and that you're not overwhelmed with what we're learning, we limit enrollment to bloggers who already have a certain level of experience.   The application ensures that you are the right fit for the Blog Hive community.   


What happens after I apply? 

A member of our team will reach out to you within a few days letting you know what the next steps are. 


When do I pay?

Great question!  When your application is approved, we will send you the link to purchase your membership.  


How long do I have access to the Blog Hive?

Your membership is ongoing.  You can choose how long you want stay and cancel at any time.  Honestly, though, we think you'll love it and want to be BFFs forever! 


What if I change my mind?

No problem.  You can cancel your membership at any time.   Your automatic payments will stop at the end of your current billing cycle.  


thena reading-franssen hodgepodge hippie

My blog has taken on a new life

“Working with Corinne changed the way I viewed my blog. I learned the things I need to do EVERY SINGLE DAY and my blog has taken on a new life. I was able to build a great foundation and have continued to grow. In fact, I just had one of my highest earning years ever. Corinne knows her stuff - her knowledge is worth every single penny.”

REGULAR PRICE: $49/month

TRY IT FOR $1 for the first month

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